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Why do I need to register?

Registration is necessary for you to use your free account. You can always control the information you release.

Create a free account here.

It is realy for free?

The profile is absolutely free for job seekers.

Registration is free for companies, only use costs money. More information here...

Can I delete my profile?

Yes, you can delete your profile at any time.
To do this, go to your account settings and select: Delete account

Can I delete my profile?

Yes you can delete your profile.

Can everyone sign in?

Yes, everyone, regardless of their origin, can register.

What information do you store about me?

We only save a small amount of personal data, such as:
Your e-mail address, preferred language, date of birth, language, location, and job interests.

You will discuss all other information directly with your future employer.

Is your service really free?

Registration is completely free for both job seekers and companies.

How long will my data be stored?

Only as long as you are registered with us. The data will then be deleted.

Do I have to accept a job match?

No, it's up to you whether you want to get in touch with the company.

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