Who are we?

A team that loves putting people to work.

We love

Our passion is creating jobs. We love what we do and see it as vital because we help people find their place in a changing world. 


Globalization and digitalization are changing how we live and work. New labor markets are emerging worldwide; work and production processes are constantly evolving. Some jobs become obsolete, while new skills grow in demand. We see these transitions as opportunity.


Many of today's job seekers are ready to start something new but don't know where to start. Most of us have been there. We know what it's like taking that first step. A new job, a new career, some of us even a new country. 


With our platform, we make the first steps easy for you.

Our values


We support and promote diversity in our company. In a team, mutual respect is one of the essential factors for sustainable success. We appreciate and respect every nationality, gender, or qualification.

Real profiles

We guarantee that all job and candidate profiles are real.

No ghost profiles or old listings. Unused profiles are automatically disabled after 4 weeks.


Our team is international. It comes from Europe, Asia or America. For us teamwork and the complementarity of qualifications and experience is the key to sustainable success.

Meet The Team

Ing. Peter Voss-Heinrich

Project Management

Barbara Mayr

People & Culture

Josef Siebholz


Sara Yin

Administration Manager

Klaudia Elsemann

Projekt Management

Thomas Bergholm

Business Development DACH

Björn Winkler